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Quotes are for specialty Vehicles & Unique Requests not listed on our website

General Information

Hemis General provides service options that are not listed on our website. We do custom orders for specialty vehicles like boats, RV’s, motorcycles, jet skis, trailers, small planes, etc. Additionally, we provide large orders such as fleet vehicles, dealership contracts, and more. Normally we do not provide mobile detailing, however you can request it (approval is not guaranteed). Mobile Detailing is only for boat services and small plane services. We do not provide full windshield tint due to the risk of damages. Installation of a full windshield tint requires water usage near delicate electronic components, if you wish to proceed despite the risk, you can request it here. 

All quotes are requested by the form below. After we review your request, our team will get back to you and confirm information or request more details. If needed, you can contact us via phone (315)546-4745

Images of vehicle[s] are required. 

Ordering Information

Specialty Vehicle:

If you have a vehicle that is not listed on our website as an existing service, a quote is required. This includes recreational vehicles (RV’s), water vehicles (except boats), motorcycles (all types), trailers, four wheelers / side-by-sides, slingshots, or any type of vehicle that is not a; Car, Compact or Full Size SUV, or Truck. When you order, please include the following information; the type of vehicle, what service is needed, any special information we should know, include images, and a date you would like to have it serviced.

Boat Services:

If you need your boat serviced, we provide mobile detailing so you do not need to bring it to our shop. Detailing, paint, wax, and tint services are offered. When you order, please include the following information; a detailed description of what you need serviced, specific information we should be aware of, make/model/year of the boat, the dimensions (if known), the location it’s stored, the date / time you would like to be serviced, images of the entire boat (all sides).

Small Plane Service:

If you need your small plane serviced, we provide mobile detailing so you do not need to bring it to our shop. Detailing and paint services are offered for small planes. When you order, please include the following information; the dimensions of the plane, location it is stored, make/model/year of plane, any special information that could help the service being provided. 

Large Orders / Fleet Orders / Dealership Contracts:

If one-time or recurring detailing services, on 4 r more vehicles at a time, we provide mobile detailing and price discounts. When you order, please include the following information; specify what type business you are + business name, if you need recurring or one-time service, what type of detail you are needing (interior, exterior, engine bay, custom, tint), the location of the vehicles, the date / time you would like them serviced, how many vehicles will be serviced, any information that would help us with the service.

Uploading Images

All quote requests should be submitted with clear, non-blurry images of their vehicle[s]. Please include multiple images, if you need work on specific areas, please include images of that as well. If you are getting exterior work done, please include images of the entire vehicle from all four sides of the vehicle (front, back, left, right). If images are not provided, they will be requested before the quote is given.

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